Adopt a School Builders Outreach

For Educators

Those Amazing Builders outreach initiative offers copies of the book for use in your school or school district, at no cost to you.

This colorful, fun-to-read 34-page book explains to upper middle school and high school students just what it is that builders do, introducing them to the full range of career opportunities in the construction industry. It is useful for guidance counselors, for teachers, at career day programs, and in school libraries.

To register to receive free copies of Those Amazing Builders for your school or school system, fill out the form below. Click here for a printable glossary of construction terms.

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What do we ask in return? After you use Those Amazing Builders in the classroom, just fill out the form that accompanies the books, telling us how they were used, student reaction, and your evaluation of the book. In addition, we will provide you with a template for a letter of acknowledgement, for you to send to the sponsoring organization, with a copy to Trilogy Publications LLC.

Questions? Call us at 201-816-1211 or e-mail