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Our Books

Those Amazing Builders

Those Amazing Builders introduces middle and high school students to the variety of career opportunities in the construction industry. Full of real-world examples and construction projects across the globe, it’s the kind of book that motivates students to become part of creating the world we live in—and making it smarter, greener, and more cost effective. The 34-page book is colorful and easy to read, but there’s nothing elementary about it. From flying trains to generating energy from wood waste, from reconstructing roads in India to designing security systems for schools and stadiums, Those Amazing Builders puts the spotlight on what can and will be done in construction. Geared to upper middle and high school students.

Free Those Amazing Builders teacher's guide

Free glossary of construction terms


  • The Building Team—Who’s on it and what they do
  • Infrastructure and Buildings—What’s going on now
  • Cool Structures—Yesterday and Tomorrow: The Pyramids to Floating Cities
  • How Do I Get There From Here—practical ways to get started on a future in construction today

Those Amazing Engineers

Those Amazing Engineers spotlights some of the marvelous things that have been designed and built by engineers. Light on text and long on examples, the 30-page book covers the major engineering disciplines in easy-to-read language and with kid-friendly examples. (Did you know that the Slinky Toy™ was invented by a mechanical engineer?)

Those Amazing Engineers helps kids understand just what engineers do.  Examples from robots to rockets, from supercomputers to shampoo, illustrate that engineers make a big difference in our lives. The book is written for upper elementary and middle school students, but teachers have told us they are using the books successfully in high schools as well, and universities have purchased the book for outreach to a broad range of students.

Free Those Amazing Engineers teacher's guide


  • Sections on different types of engineering, from aerospace to software

  • "Engineering SuperCity Stadium," featuring all the types of engineers it takes to bring a baseball stadium to life

  • "The Top Ten Engineering Advancements from the 20th Century"

  • "Wonderful Places to Work" and other sections that highlight creative and rewarding fields and suggest activities that kids can do now to prepare for an engineering career


Those Amazing Scientists

Awarded an Honorable Mention in the ‘Children’s Books’ category of the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, Those Amazing Scientists is an excellent introduction to the sciences for kids, parents, schools, and libraries—and for anyone young or old who wants to learn about the exciting fields of science. The book is particularly timely, given the recent focus by the U.S. Congress, the President, and the press on the critical need to interest more young people in science as a career.

Those Amazing Scientists helps young readers understand that scientists ask important  questions that often solve real-world problems. The book is full of examples kids can relate to—from how it may be possible to create an “invisibility cloak” to how math makes Shrek talk and move to why chocolate can be good for you. For elementary and middle school students.


  • Sections on different fields of science, from earth science to psychology
  • "Science Hall of Fame, A Kid’s Eye View" with kid-friendly examples from Hula Hoops to DVDs
  • "The World of Science," featuring exciting scientific field trips
  • "How Do I Get There From Here?" and "When Can I Start?", offering practical suggestions on activities that are stepping stones to a science career.