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Introducing Those Amazing... Adopt-A-School Program


Turning kids on to engineering and construction can be as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Companies and associations—or any group interested in raising awareness about these subjects—can “adopt” a school and donate Those Amazing Engineers or Those Amazing Builders so kids can find out about the marvelous things these professionals do.

For Companies and Associations

Your company or association can adopt a school... or a school district. Keep these professions vibrant by reaching tomorrow’s practioners today.
Trilogy Publications maintains a list of schools that have requested copies of our books.
You purchase the books and we take care of the rest—from sending the books to the schools to getting feedback from the classroom.

Adopt a School

For Education Professionals

If you are an education professional—teacher, principal, superintendent—or want to recommend a school to participate, join the Adopt-a-School program today, at no cost to you.

Join the Program