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“At my age, teens are looking into what they want to do when they’re older. This book touches everything about careers in construction...a great read.”
“I really enjoyed this book…a fantastic job. I had no idea how many different construction jobs there actually are.”
“I was amazed to learn how much technology is used in the building industry, and I am now more interested in having a career in construction.”
“I loved the photos—they were captivating and got me more interested in the reading.”
“Just reading about the future of architecture was astonishing. I got excited, inspired and motivated to have a place in inventing and creating future construction.”
“My father is a general contractor and this book made his job much more exciting to me. I never understood why he loved it so much until now.”
“I enjoyed reading about the future and how green we can be because it gave me hope we can decrease pollution and make a difference. It will be my generation that builds these amazing structures.”


The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) recommends Those Amazing Engineers and Those Amazing Scientists to its members. See the reviews at and

"Those Amazing Engineers opens up the world of engineering to our youth and makes accessible to them a profession of great importance and creativity by illustrating how it affects every aspect of our lives. As an advocate for the profession, we commend this effort and believe it will influence a new generation of engineers.”

Hannah O'Grady
Deputy Executive Director
American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York)

"This is an excellent resource to provide an overview for the various engineering fields. I will use them for grade 9, but will also share it with the junior high school and intermediate school."

High School Teacher, Homer New York

"This was a great text for use in introducing engineering and types of engineers to secondary students. The text uses cool graphics that capture attention and it has great additional resources for extended teaching. I would recommend this text to other STEM teachers."

High School Teacher, Louisville Mississippi

"Great addition to my classroom. It was informative and educational without being a textbook. The graphics and pictures are eye appealing."

Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher, Lakeland Florida

"With all the examples in the book they gained a better understanding of how engineers have impacted the products they use every day but take for granted."

Middle School Teacher, Hyde Park Vermont


Those Amazing Scientists is a well-written, wonderfully informative look at the dynamic world of science and the fascinating people who work in it. Compellingly illustrated, the book invities inquisitive youngsters to find out more about the world around them and the people who help make sense of it all.

David White
Publisher, Social Studies for Kids,

This is lovely—I would have become a scientist much earlier if this book had been around when I was a kid.

Donald Katz
Neuroscientist, Brandeis University

Those Amazing Builders

The scoop on how modern day project managers and contractors join forces with workers in time-honored trades from masons to carpenters to build the world we live in.

Those Amazing Engineers

A fun, colorful, engaging look at some of the marvelous things that have been designed and built by engineers.

More than 90,000 copies in print.

Those Amazing Scientists

Perfect for readers—young or old—who want to learn about the exciting fields of science and up-to-the-minute scientific possibilities. Think "invisibility cloak."